IDC InfoBrief:

Preparing your support team for the IoT-connected consumer.


Sponsored by TELUS International: While connected devices have made their way into the households of millions of consumers, the majority of consumers fail to take full advantage of their digital assets. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to provide more holistic, proactive and technical customer support in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT).


This InfoBrief covers:


 How IoT will impact the contact center and customer service

 The opportunity for more holistic and proactive support as a brand differentiator

 Key factors to delivering a superior IoT customer experience

 Why more contact center agents will be needed, not less

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From the InfoBrief


"Agents need to understand not only the supported solution, but the ecosystem of devices, services, and software that surround that solution, and how they all interact. IoT offers unequaled up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to agents who clearly understand their customers’ contexts." 


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